Is the Gap Closing Between Schools and Workplaces?

fiuture of work for schools

At TELLAL we have long championed advancements in educational technology and evolutions in the way we learn.  By adapting and expanding our capacities to teach and explore, we can better prepare students for the world that awaits them.  We have always recognised the need for schools and training institutions to be more flexible with traditional teaching methodologies in order to service students more effectively.  That is why TELLAL has focused on more cutting-edge techniques and pedagogies that are more in tune with the future environments students will face.  Today, it appears that more and more schools are catching up.  It seems that students are far less likely to face the jarring ‘culture shock’ of leaving academia for the cut-throat world of work (not least in part as traditional stereotypes fall by the wayside).  So, why are schools adapting to better prepare students?  How are they changing the way they do things?  Will companies be echoing these steps in pursuit of potential talent investment?

The Why

It doesn’t take much for one to realise how quickly the world can change.  Even before the upheaval of the last two years it was becoming more and more evident that students of school age could find themselves in a future with jobs that hadn’t yet been invented and in workplaces their parents wouldn’t recognise.  To a certain extent schools have always tried to include elements to help students become ‘industry ready’, be that ‘kid to work days’ or ‘parents talk about their jobs’ etc.  However, these small measures are proving to be insufficient when it comes to connecting the way and the what students learn with how they will earn and grow in the outside world.  In a competitive market place, successful and progressive businesses have identified the value of investing in long-term talent that is trained to hit the ground running.  Forward-thinking tech companies have been seeking out students with potential for a while now, even at the high school level, and assisting with their training and higher education in order to shape excellent and high-performing future employees, and give them access to younger demographics with fresher ideas, cutting-edge skills and unique perspectives.  This trend of industry demand for students to have more ‘job-ready’ skills is something that schools have to incorporate to stay relevant and to encourage new pupils.  Schools and institutions that offer more forward-thinking training and potential partnerships with industry leaders will find themselves at the forefront of teaching excellence.

The How

So how can schools that want to do more for their students improve their approach to ‘industry-ready’ learning?  What steps can they take to close the gap between leaving school or university and entering the workplace?  Many schools with an eye on the future are already instituting initiatives that are geared towards jobs and working in partnerships with leading organisations to facilitate opportunities for students in their offices that are beneficial for them and the company.  The key element is to embrace a flexibility that allows you to evaluate the curriculum and spot areas in which industry-preparedness can be weaved in organically.  Making internships and work placements part of achievements and milestones can be invaluable for helping students explore options to select subjects for higher education and determine goals for the future.  Working with companies to offer gateway programmes is a further step that could be transformative for students and for organisations looking to identify future talent.

What’s Next?

In the next few years we would expect to see a greater shift in the number of schools willing to adapt their teaching style to be more focused on future careers and jobs.  Traditional educational models are already becoming less relevant as workplaces prioritise different skill sets in order to build the most productive teams.  Schools and educational institutions need to recognise that to give their students the best chance for success, they need to make sure they are providing training that leverages the surrounding reality and reflects the future their student will face.


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