Mental Health and Wellness during Covid-19

mental health and wellness during covid 19 at TELLAL

The whole world has been affected and transformed by the spread of Covid-19 in multiple ways.  As a teacher training institute, TELLAL has seen the huge impact it has had on students, teachers, parents and schools.  While we hope to see distance learning slow the spread in the UAE, it is a drastic change to our education system.  Teachers and parents have to work harder than ever to ensure students are able to continue learning and growing.   At TELLAL we have a series of virtual learning guides for teachers and parents to support them during this time.  But quarantine and now the full Dubai lockdown don’t just impact our children’s development.   As part of our efforts to support the community, we wanted to share some tips for good mental health and wellness to help you stay strong and #staysafe.

Positive Mental Health

As a society our awareness of mental health has become more and more profound in recent years.  We understand now how vital it is to overall health and the ways in which we can help those struggling and be aware of our own triggers.   In this unique time of self-isolation, there are even more factors that could negatively impact our mental health.   But there are a few key things we can do to stay as positive as possible:

  • Keep Moving – We might not be able to go outside, but exercise is excellent for mental health. Why not try a HIIT workout, yoga or a pumping Zumba class?
  • Reach Out – Connect with your loved ones via phone, email or video call. Check up on them and use the CDC advisory to make sure they are okay.
  • Eat Right – Nutrition is so important right now, both for strengthening our immune system and for balancing our mental health.  Why not try some of these easy recipes from the New York Times?
  • Find your Happy Place – Carve out mindfulness moments that will calm and centre you. It could be meditation, a long bath, reading time or cooking, whatever brings you the most happiness.
  • Lend a Hand – If you can, why not try doing something to help others. Visit Day for Dubai for more information on virtual volunteering and ways to help.
  • Grow your Potential – If you find yourself with more spare time than usual at the moment, why not try expanding your skills with an online course. Imagine where you could take your career with Leadership Training or our online HLTP courses?  Browse the TELLAL training course calendar here.

Connected Community

To help with mental health and wellness, TELLAL is launching a Connected Community Week from 9th-15th April.  This week-long virtual event is designed to bring us together to share experiences, skills and stories that engage our minds and bodies.  During the event, GEMS staff will be hosting a series of sessions on a wide variety of topics, from cooking to gym sessions.  Anyone can watch and take part simply by joining via the website.

We hope you are all staying safe and well during this difficult time. Make sure to stay at home, take care of yourself and don’t shy away from asking for help if you need it.


If you want to find out more about the full range of TELLAL courses you can visit our website here.  Make sure you follow us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin  if you want to stay up to date with all of our news and do get in touch via +971 (0)4 403 5146 or if you have any questions at all.

Katie Hart
Manager – Teacher Leadership
Mental Health and Wellness during Covid-19
Katie joined TELLAL from her position as Vice Principal at GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis. Her career in education has taken her from Early Years and Key Stage 1 classroom teaching through all levels of training, coaching, facilitating and mentorship, to department head and executive leadership.
Mental Health and Wellness during Covid-19
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