Netflix and Learn: The Benefits of On-Demand Training

on demand training

The way we train and learn requires a delicate balance of evolution in order to continually adapt to improve.  Whether you are developing successful pedagogies for the classroom or designing in-house training for an organisation, the methodology is as vital as the material.  Our understanding of the way we learn and absorb information, as well as how well it can be retained and implemented in real world scenarios, will directly affect the success of teaching and training sessions.  Modern advances in technology have significantly improved the way in which we can train.  One particularly useful, and topically appropriate, outcome of this is the rise of on-demand training.  A seemingly simple concept, this transformational medium is actually establishing itself as a powerful new channel that overcomes many of the common stumbling blocks faced in training.  At a time when financial stability is essential, wouldn’t you want to ensure the value of your investment when it comes to training?  So what is on-demand training and how can it benefit your team and institution?

On-demand Training

Essentially, on-demand training is a lot like on-demand tv.  It is designed to echo the type of platforms created by brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus and to be used in a similar way.  In today’s society, immediacy of access and connection is part of everyday life, reducing our capacity for patience, for better or worse.  Accessing information is now done in milliseconds, so why shouldn’t we adapt our models for training to be almost as responsive.  On-demand training is centred around making learning solutions and resources available anywhere, at any time and, usually, in more ‘palatable’ formats.  One of the most crucial and valuable elements of on-demand training is its use of AI. Just like with Netflix, AI can be used to identify learner needs and recommend further sessions and resources, increasing the personalised aspect of on-demand learning.  At TELLAL we recognise that providing this innovative training methodology and a tailored programme of it to institutions and organisations can significantly increase engagement, productivity and performance.  That is why we are developing courses and programmes with in-built on-demand training that can be applied to suit any environment.

The Benefits Add Up

The more and more you delve into how on-demand training works, the more clearly its benefits become evident.  As well as its proven track record of success in increasing the efficiency of training and overall performance, the concept is completely customisable and adaptable, making it a powerful solution for any organisation.  It offers participants a continuous learning journey, with plenty of autonomy, that is scalable, personalised and provides invaluable analytical data records.  On-demand training is:

  • Flexible. It can be accessed in absorbable chunks that fit within any type of calendar and can be completed in the preferred timeframe of the participant

  • Personalised. On-demand training allows institutions to tailor their training to suit the needs of the learners, thereby increasing the impact, retention and real-world application of the material

  • Engaging. Participants are far more likely to pro-actively engage with resources that are tailored to suit their personal style, available to suit their calendar and will benefit their professional development and growth

  • Trackable. With an on-demand training platform, you can track how it is used.  These useful analytics will provide information on what works, which participants are struggling, coordinate feedback and much more

  • Adaptable. On-demand training can be utilized effectively within any type of organisation or institution, no matter their size or requirements


At TELLAL we know all about on-demand training and how to get the best value from your investment.  If you would like to speak to our team about your training needs you can get in touch today via if you have any questions at all.

Sheryl Lee Rogers
Senior Manager – Digital Professional Learning & Development
Netflix and Learn: The Benefits of On-Demand Training
Netflix and Learn: The Benefits of On-Demand Training
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