Student Leadership Workshops with TELLAL

Student Leadership Workshops with TELLAL

Good leadership is one of the most fundamental qualities that should be fostered in every industry.  Here at TELLAL we know the importance of Leadership training within the educational sector and our Leadership Academy utilises the latest techniques and methodologies to help aspiring and current leaders expand their skills and grow their professional development.  Through our research and training programme development we have been able to work with people from all over the world in determining and discovering the secrets behind successful leadership.  We have been part of the evolution in traditional concepts and the rapid understanding that previously overlooked skills can make all the difference. These revelations have led to an increasingly expanding global shift in the way in which leaders operate and the way in which they should be trained.  In Europe concerns about high unemployment rates have led to several key government initiatives, including one by the British Council, that champion greater encouragement of enterprise amongst young people and advocate for more effective skills development. 

At TELLAL, we know that by embracing new leadership innovations we can transform students into future leaders who can manage, perform better and are prepared for a successful international career.  This is why we have developed our Student Leadership Workshops.  These unique sessions are designed to support student leaders in developing the leadership mindsets and capabilities that will aid them in their future careers.  By using similar elements from our Leadership Academy training, including our Virtual Simulation technologies, we are able to empower these students to develop their skills in a way that promotes retention and longevity. 

The TELLAL Student Leadership Coaching Programme runs over two days. During the training students are guided through leadership and coaching sessions with fellow students, teachers and parents.  The programme uses face-to-face and virtual simulation sessions to enhance students’ leadership skillsets and confidence. 

The learning objectives of the programme include:

  • To understand individual and collective mind sets, as well as the capabilities required for leadership best practice
  • To develop a leadership coaching style that enhances a positive student culture across the entire school
  • To provide coaching tools to support student well-being, resilience and self-regulation
  • To train student leaders to facilitate student-led coaching programmes

Empowering students with vital and productive leadership skills we can help them to build more effective and positive environments within their schools and inspire others to develop themselves. Also, by working with students on a fresh approach to successful leadership methodologies, we are able to give them a head start on the realities of workplace life and prepare them for the techniques that will no doubt be hugely prevalent when they are ready to lead in their own careers. 

You can take a further look at our Student Leadership Coaching Programme with this video.

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Shanti Clements
Head of Leadership Academy
Student Leadership Workshops with TELLAL
With more than 24 years of experience in the field of education, personal development and leadership research, Shanti joined TELLAL from her post as Principal at Beauty Point Public School, which she transformed into one of the highest performing schools in Australia.
Student Leadership Workshops with TELLAL
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