The Summer Holidays: Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents

summer holidays in dubai

As the temperature rises and we reach the end of the school year, many people will be thinking about the summer holidays.  Most exams have been cancelled and parents and students are not feeling that sense of relief at the end of the school year. With students online, and the virtual classroom the norm, the usual summer vacation planning is anything but usual. And parents are still adjusting to remote working with their children underfoot.

With travel to many countries are still under restriction, the impending length of the summer holidays might seem overwhelming.  Given the situation, many will be wondering how to fill the time and how to balance a return to work with an uncertain school schedule.   Our summer plans need a different kind of creativity this year to keep in the usual vacation spirit.  For teachers, students and parents there are lots of things to get excited about during the summer holidays.  Here are our top tips for how to make it a summer to remember…..

Schedule a Staycation

So a plane might not be an option right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a holiday.  In such a diverse location there are so many options to choose from to suit every budget.  Hotels across the Emirates have some amazing deals that include activities, dining and are suitable for the whole family.  Not keen on spending money?  No problem – why not staycation at home?  You can camp in the garden, build a fort in the living room or have a family sleepover with midnight snacks and scary stories bundled up together.  Changing your environment with a ‘room makeover’ or mixing things up with breakfast for dinner or a fake home restaurant could be a real treat for everyone.

Seek Adventure

As restrictions have eased somewhat in recent weeks, there are so many more activities and attractions available for fun treats during the summer holidays.  Why not escape the heat with a session at Ski Dubai?   Make a day of it zip lining at Jebel Jais in RAK?  Learn to play golf?  Spend a decadent day at the beach?  Or make a list of all the places, restaurants and things you have wanted to visit in Dubai and start crossing them off.  A couple of days behaving like tourists will make you feel like you went on vacation!

Expand your Horizons

Young people and adults have a unique opportunity to use the summer holidays as a time to build essential skills, discover new passions or take the next step in your career.  What better excuse to undertake an online course that could fuel your dream of the ideal job, a step up the ladder or simply something you have always wanted to learn about.   You could learn a language, become a teacher or get a leadership certification to grow your career.

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Brittany Benincasa
Operations Manager
The Summer Holidays: Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents
As the Operations Manager at TELLAL Institute Brittany is responsible for ensuring efficiency and smooth day-to-day operations across all platforms.
The Summer Holidays: Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents
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