Executive Leaders Module 5 : Enabling the Exceptional

Executive Leaders Module 5 : Enabling the Exceptional

Michelle Shanti Clements
Start Date
10 Mar 2020
End date
10 Mar 2020
Time From
9:00 am
Time To
4:00 pm
Registration Open
31 Jul 2019
Registration closed
04 Mar 2020
Course Fee (AED)
Face to Face

Face to Face workshop: conducted in English

School Phase:

Target Audience:
For aspiring and novice Principals/CEOs who currently demonstrate exceptional leadership competencies.  


Integral to the programme is the development of confident and skilful executive leaders through the development of global leadership capabilities, a whole school improvement project and participation in a leadership exchange. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify and classify the many sources of data within a school. 
  2. To explore how to overcome relevant roadblocks when collecting, analysing and using data in school.
  3. To establish the importance and relevance of the self-evaluation process and documentation. 
  4. To appropriately analyse data in order to create effective SEF (Self-Evaluation Form) statements. 
  5. To critique a SEF (Self-Evaluation Form) document and consider the statements from current, retrospective and future aspects.
  6. To create a strategic action plan that consists of priorities, goals and targets, relative to the self-evaluation process. Ability to describe and apply different assessment strategies 
  7. Explore how to make formative use of summative assessments
  8. Investigate the link between learning objectives and success criteria
  9. Evaluate self, peer and school assessment strategies to drive school improvement

Exit Certification:
TELLAL Certificate of Attendance, KHDA Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Leadership Impact 

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