HLTP3 Digitally Enhanced Learning and Innovation (May Start)

Start Date
13 May 2020
End date
13 May 2021
Time From
12:00 am
Time To
12:00 am
Registration Open
03 Sep 2019
Registration closed
07 May 2020
Course Fee (AED)
Online workshop conducted in English

School Phase:

Target Audience:
This programme is suitable for classroom teachers who wish to develop their teaching practice related to digitally enhanced learning and innovation.



High-leverage practices are the basic building blocks of teaching. The HLTP Modules unpack these fundamental practices to support students' cognitive, social and emotional development. Module 3, Digitally Enhanced Learning and Innovation, supports teachers to design, plan and teach with digital technologies. Participants will learn how to instil digital competencies within themselves and their students and use digital technologies to enhance, create or facilitate innovative teaching, learning and assessment approaches, across a wide range of subject areas, grade levels, and contexts.

  • Available in English 
  • School situated- 1 nominated mentor per participant must be supplied by the school.
  • Strong emphasis on Joint Practice Development (Hargreaves, 2012)


Learning Objectives:

  • To benchmark and review current practices.
  • To observe digitally enhanced classroom practices and strategies. 
  • To discuss digitally enhanced classroom practices and strategies. 
  • To plan for lessons which integrate and innovate with digital technologies. 
  • To critically reflect and synthesise learning.


Exit Certification: TELLAL Certificate of Completion 
  • النسخة العربية من موقعنا الإلكتروني سوف تتوفر قريبًا