LAN_DAY 9: The Cinderella of language “phonology teaching techniques

LAN_DAY 9: The Cinderella of language “phonology teaching techniques

Yousef Omar
Start Date
09 Apr 2020
End date
09 Apr 2020
Time From
2:00 pm
Time To
5:00 pm
Registration Open
29 Oct 2019
Registration closed
02 Apr 2020
Course Fee (AED)
Face to Face

Creativity in Language Teaching and Learning 

Day 9: The Cinderella of language “phonology teaching techniques


Primary/Secondary / Middle School Teachers

Target Audience:

 New and experienced Teachers 

All language Teachers or those who are interested in language Teaching 

Description and Learning Objectives:

In this session teachers will learn about variety of ways and techniques to teach phonology in a very dynamic and interactive ways, learners will have an introduction to the Sound Foundations system and sound chart and how to use it with all your classes Teacher will experience and practice new techniques for teaching, correcting and practicing pronunciation and develop their confidence working with individual sounds, words, and connected speech and how to integrate pronunciation fully with their on-going classwork. The will how to make phonology physical and how to makes pronunciation concrete rather than ethereal or elusive.

Teachers will be able to apply techniques and use methods which they can use it in their classroom the second day. 

Teachers will be able to use and create their own techniques suitable for their learners’ level and context.

Location: TELLAL Training Room 1st Floor room no-120 Click here

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