LAN_Session 7; Part 2: Memory in language teaching_live stream (webinar)

LAN_Session 7; Part 2: Memory in language teaching_live stream (webinar)

Yousef Omar
Start Date
20 May 2021
End date
20 May 2021
Time From
4:00 pm
Time To
5:30 pm
Registration Open
30 Aug 2020
Registration closed
14 May 2021
Course Fee (AED)
Online (live synchronous)

Creativity in Language Teaching and Learning live stream (webinar)

Session 7; Part 2: Memory in language teaching 


Primary/Secondary / Middle School Teachers

Target Audience:

 New and experienced Teachers 

All language Teachers or those who are interested in language Teaching 

Description and Learning Objectives:

In this course teachers will learn about the role of memory in learning language and the relations between memory and first language and second language acquisition, they will learn techniques and effective methods for recycling language, re-use language in context and retrieval of language in the classroom and how they can help them to remember language. 

They will be able to use some tips and techniques to make language components such as vocabulary, sounds, grammar, and structures stick to the heads of their learners.

Teachers will be able to apply techniques and use methods which they can use it in their classroom the second day. 

Teachers will be able to use and create their own techniques suitable for their learners’ level and context.

Location: live stream (webinar)

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