Senior Leaders Module 7 Option 1 : Embedding Accountability as a Leader

Senior Leaders Module 7 Option 1 : Embedding Accountability as a Leader

Michelle Shanti Clements
Start Date
27 Apr 2020
End date
27 Apr 2020
Time From
1:00 pm
Time To
4:00 pm
Registration Open
31 Jul 2019
Registration closed
02 Apr 2020
Course Fee (AED)
Face to Face

Face to Face workshop: conducted in English

School Phase:

Target Audience:
Suitable for leaders who aspire to progress into whole school leadership positions within 1-3 academic years.  

The programme will give participants the opportunity to developing a leadership portfolio, school improvement project and participate in a leadership exchange in another school setting.  Practical training to maximise learning effectiveness 

Learning Objectives:

  1. To define and rationalise the term “accountability” and what it looks like in an educational setting. 
  2. To consider why and how we hold people to account and the challenges that exist in doing so.
  3. To link your understanding and knowledge of “accountability” to procedures and systems that exist within our schools.
  4. To explore how the GROW model can 
  5. To support the development of a positive culture of accountability and success.
  6. To examine distributed leadership and how it resonates in your own context.
  7. To evaluate the four frames of an organisation (Bolman and Deal) and reflect upon the most dominant frame to you.
  8. Plan for your own personal leadership development and impact

Exit Certification:
TELLAL Certificate of Attendance, KHDA Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Leadership Impact 

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