I Want A Certificate In Early Years Education

Specialised Learning for Early Years Specialists and Leaders

At TELLAL, we are committed to supporting Early Years professionals at whichever stage in their career they may be. In order to help them maximise
their potential, TELLAL offers a wide range of tailor-made professional learning and development opportunities. These training workshops are
developed to suit the needs of Early Years Teachers in schools and learners in nurseries and Early Learning Centres.

How are the workshops structured
and delivered?

Group workshops offer learners the opportunity to increase their

understanding of a specific topic while gaining the tools they

need to apply that understanding to real-life situations.

The workshops are a great way to receive instruction, and many

of them can be taken  online or in a virtual setting

Who are the Early Years Teacher
Training Workshops for?

The Early Years Teacher Training Programmes are for individuals looking to improve their

students  experience in the classroom. These may be:

• Teachers and Teaching Assistants, Early Years Specialists/Leaders in a nursery or Early Years setting
• Learning Support Teachers in-home or school environments

Early Years Workshops (16 Online Webinars)

• Accelerated learning programmes for children younger in the year group – interventions and SMART Reporting
• Supporting Pre-literacy Skills
• Communication and Language: Ideas to support communication and language development in early years classrooms
• Data Management – collecting data, analysing data and getting ready for inspection – For Early Years Leaders
• Becoming a Makaton friendly school – a journey – practitioner reflections including challenges, successes and implementation ideas
• Sensory Integration – ‘That Makes Sense!’
• Maths: ideas to support maths development in early years classrooms
• Conflict Resolution
• Technology Integration in the Early Years

• Early Intervention
• Using Drama in the Early Years
• Assessment for Learning – a blended approach – reflections on assessment in the Early Years during distance online learning
• Art: ideas to support visual art and Design in early years classrooms
• Innovations in the Early Years – an exchange of what’s new in the global sector to raise awareness
• Leadership in the Early Years
• Science: ideas to support understanding the world in early years classrooms

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