Languages Academy

The TELLAL Languages Academy was created to encourage and support excellence in Language teaching. The Academy’s mission is to advocate and represent teaching interests, promote and stimulate an environment of language teaching and learning excellence, and encourage recognition and reward for exceptional Language teaching worldwide.

The TELLAL Languages Academy:

  • will act as a hub for language teacher-training and language teaching
  • will focus on the teaching of languages in a modern living way via innovative and up-to-date methodologies
  • will support the enhancement and improvement of teachers’ abilities not only in English-language competencies but also in specific language career path roles required for teachers to thrive in a dynamic and challenging global context.

The TELLAL Languages Academy will provide qualifying, certifying and professional development programmes for the teachers of languages in:

Language Teacher training programmes

Arabic Language

ATP Arabic (Arabic)

Teaching Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL)

Teaching Arabic to Muslim and heritage learners (TASLM)

English language


Teaching English language as a second Language

Teaching English in multilingual contexts

Modern European languages

(French – Spanish – German – Italian – Russian)

South East Asian languages and Indian languages (Hindi – Urdu – Malayali ….  … )

Teaching Languages of the wider world (CLTWW)

Certificate in teaching Languages to Adults

Chinese (TBC)

English Language learning for teachers

TELLAL communicative competence Improvement Programme

Road to IELTS Preparation for IELTS test

Languages and Cultures

Language learning for educators and businesses  

  • النسخة العربية من موقعنا الإلكتروني سوف تتوفر قريبًا