Languages of the Wider World Teaching Programmes

Certificate in Teaching Languages of the Wider World

A one-year part-time course for practising language teachers provided by TELLAL languages Academy


This is a one-year course with three terms, the first two terms of 10 weeks each and

the last of 5 weeks. The course takes place once a week.


Part Time – Blended


This Professional Certificate is designed for practising teachers of Languages of the Wider World who wish to advance their qualifications and expertise in the field of Language Education.

The main aim of this Certificate course is to encourage teachers to develop their skills as reflective practitioners in their own context and practice. Teachers should keep abreast of research and developments in language learning and challenge their own assumptions and beliefs about Language Education within the context of a community of enquiry.

The course participants will engage in the following seminars and activities: blended learning in the teacher’s own practice and context; extrapolation from workshops, research articles and experimental practice; experiential learning projects; peer and self-observation of classroom practice; language learner variables, investigation and dialogue with own learners; technical training for teachers at beginner and intermediate level.


By the end of the course, teachers should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to extrapolate from seminars, events, workshops and current journals

in their field to inform and enhance own practice.

  • Ability to develop complete profiles of own learners and assess their progress

using formal and informal tools.

  • Ability to conduct peer and self-observation projects for the purposes of

professional development.

  • An ability to design effective blended learning and Web 2.0 materials using

multimedia and ICT.

  • Knowledge and understanding of experiential learning and critical reflection

as tools for learning and professional development.



Candidate wishing to apply for this programme should be practising teachers and

should normally possess at least 2 years’ experience in language teaching.

You are expected to hold a university degree or an equivalent qualification and should be able to demonstrate that you have an active interest in theoretical and practical issues

related to language education. If English is not your first language, you are expected

to have an English language competence level of 5.0 in IELTS or equivalent.


Candidates will be accepted on the programme subject to a face-to-face interview

with Yousef Omar the programme convenor and course tutors.


Arrangements can be made for interviews.


Ensure that you send us copies of certificates for the relevant qualifications noted in

your application form as your application may not be considered without these


Admission is by means of an interview after the receipt of application.

The closing date for applications is to be announced.


Please feel free to contact Yousef Omar at: or call  044035073 for further information



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