I Want A Certificate in Pedagogical Praxis Series

The Pedagogical Praxis Series (PPS) is a series of modules aimed at developing teaching praxis in relation to a variety of research-based high leverage practices (HLP’s). These practices cover the basic fundamentals of teaching, used across subject areas, grade levels, and contexts. They are considered high leverage not only because they matter to student learning but because they are basic for advancing skill in teaching, no matter who you are teaching.

About the PPS Series

The concept for the PPS modules originated out of extensive brainstorming and discussion as a result of feedback and observations from the launch of the High Leverage Teaching Practice Modules (HLTP’s). There was an acknowledgement that certain demographics of teachers could benefit from engaging in the same content, in a slightly different manner. Thus, similar to the HLTP Modules, the PPS also unpack the same core competencies in relation to basic pedagogical and instructional strategies around student thinking, meeting student needs, organisation and behaviour management etc. Furthermore, both products engage participants in near-identical content. What is unique about the PPS Modules is that they are shorter (focusing on standalone competencies), offered fully online and provide in-service teachers with the opportunity to select from a ‘menu’ of competencies to custom design a professional development experience pertaining to their own specific needs and development areas.

Critical Friend

In order to aid meaningful, sustainable and lasting personal and professional development, participants will be paired with a colleague within their school or network of schools who will act as a critical friend. Having a critical friend has nothing to do with evaluating or making judgements about the other person, but is a confidential process through which two professionals work together to reflect on current practices, expand, refine and build new skills, share ideas, teach one another and solve problems in the workplace.

This critical friend relationship will act as a means of support and accountability for participants as they complete a module in the Pedagogical Praxis Series.

In doing so they will:
● Be supported to engage with and unpack new ideas and strategies.
● Be enabled to effectively self-assess competencies of teaching praxis.
● Critically reflect and be challenged to apply new strategies.
● Have a guide, support and friend to turn to if they encounter difficulties or challenges

Engaging with Critical Friends has many inherent benefits:
1. Accountability: As peers rely on one another and work together, they are more likely to hold one another accountable to follow through on commitments.
2. Accelerated Learning: Critical friends are in a better position to share quick, in the moment observations and comments. This can speed up the learning process as it comes ‘just in time’.
3. Perspective: Peers receive encouragement and advice from a relevant and neutral perspective. It allows people in similar roles to share perspectives and empathise with one another in terms of their workload, responsibilities, working relationships etc.
4. Practice and Reflection: Critical friends allow the unique opportunity for individuals to practice together and reflect upon what is happening in the moment and collaborate on next steps.
5. Build Leadership Capabilities: Having critical friends can significantly improve leadership capabilities of individuals as they learn to build and sustain new relationships, collaborate and problem solve.

PPS Modules

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