Virtual Simulation Training

Simulation Training

Social Intelligence and Virtual Simulation

What is simulation training?

Imagine how simulation training can empower teachers to ‘virtually rehearse’ challenging classroom skills and strategies, such as behaviour management or differentiating instructional content, before applying it in a real classroom setting with actual students? This is what virtual simulation training can do. TELLAL, in partnership with synthetic reality developers, Mursion INC., delivers customised virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges that educators experience throughout their career. This is provided through a unique blend of artificial and human intelligence.
Virtual reality simulations are revolutionising professional training. Through this cutting-edge technology, educators interact with avatars in realtime,
engaging in complex exchanges that mimic the situations they would potentially face in an actual classroom or office environment. Participants must
respond to challenges as they appear in a dynamic and spontaneous manner. Our simulations force learners to take risks from which they can learn how to improve their day-to-day performance.

Who is it for?

Simulation training is designed for aspiring and novice educators who are new to the profession or developing their skills. We know learning happens
best in socially contextual settings. Educators in training can learn about teaching whilst learning to be a teacher, bridging theory and practice in a single learning experience. For experienced educators, simulation training is a more reflective process. It is an opportunity to sharpen or refresh professional skills or prepare for a specific challenge in the classroom and school environment.

But that’s not all. We offer virtual simulation training for corporate clients too.  Simulated customer service scenarios, job interviews, and bespoke simulation scenarios can be used to give your team knowledge and best practice that uses state of the art technology. We can facilitate the session or we can train your staff to facilitate a one of a kind training interaction with your team.  6 Reasons Why you Need Simulation Training

How does simulation work?

What makes this model of training so effective, is the fact that it provides a safe and controlled environment in which educators receive immediate,
specific feedback through a coached model of learning. In an iterative approach, participants have unlimited opportunities to identify what aspects
of their practice require development. Intervention can be immediately embedded, as coaches suggest alternative approaches. Participants learn to self-correct their mistakes based on in-action feedback, improving both competence and confidence in their performance. Research confirms that professional efficacy has a huge impact on student learning and suggests that virtual reality simulations can be extremely powerful in helping to develop interpersonal skills. In fact, educators who experienced the simulation training reported feeling strong emotional responses to the avatars and subsequently modified their own behaviour in response to interactions with these virtual characters. The benefits of simulation training:

• Real-time feedback from professional educators
• Enhanced confidence and development of critical
• Assessment of classroom management and
instructional strategies
• Measurable improvement of interpersonal skills
• Targeted training in specific environments through
bespoke design of simulations

How is it used?

At TELLAL, we leverage effective simulation training through carefully crafted scenarios that focus on pedagogical strategies based on the high leverage teaching practices. This is done through an hourly subscription model. A suite of supporting materials focused on the theme of each scenario is available. Our Simulation Specialists can also work with you to design customised scenarios that meet your specific learning needs. Service subscribers can visit the TELLAL Institute Simulation Lab or partner with TELLAL to take advantage of creating their own onsite lab with TELLAL trained in-school facilitators.

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